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For more than 22 years ITANJ has been the leading statewide professional association for teachers of Italian. We are a nonprofit group whose mission is to promote the Italian language and culture in New Jersey's K-12 schools through networking, professional development, scholarships and grants, student-cent​ered activities and advocacy. 


ITANJ is committed to New Jersey’s teachers of Italian. One of our principal goals is to help our teachers obtain professional development credits to fulfill state requirements by organizing workshops and webinars featuring experts addressing methodology, technology, materials, Advanced Placement programs, curriculum and assessment.


Additionally, we encourage networking among our members facilitating the sharing of ideas and information, professional growth and strengthening the Italian language programs in our schools.


If you are a current teacher of Italian, retired, a student preparing to enter the teaching profession, or if you would like to support our mission and goals, please join ITANJ today!








  • Promote the Italian language and culture in our schools.
  • Advocate for the inclusion and maintenance of quality Italian language programs.
  • Help our teachers meet professional development requirements and maintain a standard of excellence in our profession by organizing workshops and professions.
  • Encourage learning and reward achievement through student-centered activities, academic competitions, and scholarships.
  • Collaborate with other Italian and Italian American organizations, consular agencies, area colleges and universities.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for professional, linguistic and cultural information relevant to our profession.
  • Encourage networking among our members.
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